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BIO INSTINKT – only the best for your pet

The company BIO INSTINKT is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality and healthy organic pet food. For the production of our pet food is completely abandoned chemical additives. The company’s products are sold in an online store and in selected supermarket stores. The pet food offered by the company focuses on cat and dog food. Within these groupings, there is a wide range of different products. For example, there are beef, chicken and sheep with various supplements as dog food. For cats, there are similar combinations. These differ only in minor details. Regardless of the variety, however, all products have in common that only high-quality organic ingredients are used. This makes the food particularly nutritious and makes additives unnecessary.
The ingredients of the products come from selected German organic farms. Die Produktion der Tiernahrung folgt allen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen und Ernährungsrichtlinien und entspricht damit dem Bio-Standard. Die Produkte bieten eine hohe Energiedichte und führen daher zu einer Reduzierung der Futtermenge.

Bio Lebensmittel Qualität
Bio Lebensmittel Qualität

BIO INSTINKT covers with its product range all life phases of the animal

Over the life phases of an animal, its nutritional and vital substance requirements change. Accordingly, the requirements for the feed change. BIO INSTINKT serves these different needs with its pet food. All in all, the company stands for the production of high-quality organic pet food that meets all current standards.

BIO INSTINKT – Pet food for responsible feeding

The company BIO INSTINKT produces high-quality organic pet food for cats and dogs. The company’s products are sold in an online store and in regional supermarket stores. The company stands for the fact that the products meet the current organic standards. Accordingly, they are healthy for your pets. The company’s product range covers all stages of pets’ lives. It contributes to a good state of health and prolongation of a pet’s life. BIO INSTINKT thus offers pet food for responsible feeding of the pet. It therefore leads to mutual benefits.

A diverse range of products

The pet food of BIO INSTINKT focuses on cat and dog food. A varied portfolio of food is offered for both pets. The basic ingredient for both categories is one type of meat. This is beef, chicken or sheep. In addition, there is a nutritious side dish such as spelt, rice or noodles. In the case of pet food for dogs, the dish is rounded off with carrots or zucchini. In the case of cat food, the vegetables are omitted. In addition, there is the possibility to buy only meat. In addition, treats made from beef muscle meat are offered. In addition to the ingredients, the dishes differ in their moisture, providing optimal food for all stages of life. Moreover, easily digestible products are specially marked for animals with sensitive digestion.

The products comply with organic standards

All products from BIO INSTINKT have in common that they meet the current organic standards. This is regularly controlled. The ingredients of the pet food are not manipulated by genetic engineering. No chemical additives are added during production, such as odor and flavor enhancers, preservatives, added colorants and artificial flavorings. The ingredients of the products all come from Germany. The final processing to the finished product also takes place there. Furthermore, all animals were kept in a species-appropriate manner. All these factors lead to the fact that the pet food is healthy for the pets. They contribute to the fact that your animal feels good.

Hochwertige Bio Tiernahrung in Lebensmittelqualität für Katzen
Hochwertige Bio Tiernahrung in Lebensmittelqualität für Katzen

BIO INSTINKT is the trend

With a wide range of organic pet food, the company meets the current developments. Organic products stand for healthy nutrition and good quality. BIO INSTINKT offers exactly this quality with its products. The wide range of products is characterized by natural products that do without chemical additives and thus contribute to the welfare of the animal. Compliance with guidelines and constant controls guarantee that BIO INSTINKT lives these values and will continue to do so in the future.

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