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Organic dog food:

Everything on, everything in

Organic dog food from BIO INSTINKT is characterized by its excellent quality and good taste. We offer different products with beef, chicken or sheep. With us, every four-legged friend comes to the wet food of his taste.

During the production of our organic pet food we pay attention to one thing above all: Only natural and only the best ingredients are used for the organic dog food. Thus, no chemical additives are needed. Important nutrients and vital substances remain in the food. With us, you thus get the best dog food and thus promote the health and zest for life of your four-legged friend.

With our versatile product range, you can also choose between canned dog food and jarred dog food. The weight varies here between 180 and 400g. Your dog has earned a reward? BIO INSTINKT also offers air-dried organic treats. They are particularly low in fat.

For the sake of your pet!

What you should know about organic dog food

The new trend in food is now clearly emerging: organic products. They stand for healthy nutrition and good quality. It is becoming more and more popular to feed your dog healthier. In the following text you will find general information about what to look for in organic dog food.

General information

Nothing influences the health and vitality of a dog as much as the nutrition. The beloved four-legged friend can thereby gain a longer lifespan. So it is worth all times to look a little more closely at the diet of the animal. Because organic food proves to be a healthier and tastier alternative to normal pressed food.

If your dog already suffers from digestive problems or is prone to allergies, it is also worth considering switching to organic dog food. After all, many dog foods contain questionable ingredients and ingredients, such as ground bone residue. And whether this is really healthy for your four-legged friend turns out to be rather questionable. BIO INSTINKT has also dealt with this and we have made it our business to produce naturally good pet food.

This is what makes our food

In order for a dog food to really be allowed to call itself “BIO-DOG FOOD”, a number of criteria must be met and guidelines adhered to. The ingredients of the feed must come from controlled organic cultivation. This also means that no chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers, sewage sludge or pesticides may be used.

Also the keeping of the animals, which are used later for the BIO fodder, may not be kept in a mass animal breeding. Growth hormones and antibiotics are also prohibited. And also food additives in the final product, may occur only in fractions.

You are not only doing something good for your four-legged friend, but also for the environment.

Because no pesticides may be used in the cultivation of plants, endangered bird, insect and plant species can develop anew and can gradually regenerate more.

But above all, factory farming can be curbed by buying organic products. The animals, which are intended for the normal food of your dog, are partly held under catastrophic conditions. The stalls are often so small that the animals stand so close together that they cannot move. In some cases, the animals even pile up because there is hardly any space. As a result, the animals get sick faster, die from the consequences of the diseases of factory farming, or are pumped full of antibiotics. However, if you have a heart for animals like we do at BIO INSTINKT and buy organic food, you can curb this scenario.

Is organic dog food so much healthier than regular dog food?

Quite clearly: yes! Because as mentioned earlier, there are questionable ingredients in regular dog food that can also harm your dog or even become dangerous. What is in the conventional dog food additives, for example, glutamate, preservatives and flavor enhancers, is completely absent in our organic dog food.

Because this is a strict guideline that must be followed if you want to produce organic food.
As you certainly know, the domestic dog descended from the wolf. Even today, many genetic factors of the wolf can be found again in the variant of the domestic animal. Especially that this is mainly a hunter and therefore carnivore.

In the organic dog food is a significantly higher meat content to find than in conventional food. This also benefits the digestive tract of your faithful companion. Because this makes the food much more conventional and this prevents digestive problems.
Organic food can be digested and utilized more effectively by the dog. In the long run, this makes your dog healthier. Because the positive side effects of feeding organic dog food are clear: clear eyes, thick and shiny coat and strong teeth.

All these aspects ensure a healthy and long life for your dog. And that is exactly the goal of BIO INSTINKT.
The well-being of your pet is our top priority.

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