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Organic cat food:

For the highest demands

More and more organic foods are appearing on store shelves. And rightly so. Healthy products with good quality are becoming increasingly important for people who pay attention to a conscious diet.
So it is hardly surprising that more and more cat owners also want to give their cat this advantage. With BIO INSTINKT you can be sure to feed pet food of the highest organic quality. Our organic cat food is for the highest demands!

For the sake of your pet!

What you should know about organic cat food

Feeding organic products is becoming more and more popular. This is because organic is considered to be of high quality and extremely healthy. This trend is now catching on in pet food, especially cat food. We have made this our goal. In the following text you can learn what makes our BIO cat food from BIO INSTINKT so special. You will learn why it is so healthy.


Recognizing quality in cat food

Many cat owners are now switching to the trend of feeding not only themselves but also the cat healthier. But this is often not so easy. After all, recognizing high-quality cat food is not an easy task.

It should make sure that there are no artificial preservatives as well as antioxidants in the BIO cat food. Carbohydrates in the form of starch, cellulose and “dry chips” should also not be present in high-quality products.

Sugar, caramel and artificial colorings are very unhealthy for cats and tomcats. Therefore, they should be avoided in cat food.
Corn, corn gluten and/or soy are among the allergens. They should be avoided in any case. Because they are unhealthy for your darling.
Undefinable animal and vegetable by-products should not be included in organic food. Because these can contain traces of ground bones. And this is also not recommended for cats.


Advantages of organic cat food

The cultivation of plants and also the keeping of animals is becoming more and more important in organic products. Here, for example, attention is paid to the natural cycle during cultivation. BIO INSTINKT also pays attention to the organic standard for its products. Because that is what makes good quality.
The production process runs according to strict guidelines. It is checked at regular intervals. Even in the barn with the animals that are later used for the organic feed. Everything is checked in detail. For example, the conditions under which the animals are kept. And also with illnesses there are strict defaults. Here, treatment is mainly with homeopathy instead of chemical substances.

So it is a long procedure until the organic food for your four-legged darling is finally ready. And also until it is really an organic product. But when you hold it in your hands, you can be sure that you are holding a healthy meal for your cat because of the many regular and precise controls.
BIO cat food is even produced with the same guidelines as food for humans. Namely in 100% BIO food quality. Thus, theoretically, you could also consume the cat food without hesitation. Because just like you, the faithful companions also deserve a high-quality food.


Do something good for your cat and support the environment at the same time

BIO INSTINKT offers organic cat food at a high level. Because we work mainly with organic products.

This ensures that the BIO cat food is of high quality and easier to digest for the cats. This is especially characterized by the freshness of the ingredients used. Also, the taste can fully develop.
Organic food does not require the cultivation of monocultures. Instead, the diversity in the field is supported. Thus, you too, can save rare plants, birds and insects from extinction.


Delicious, environmentally friendly and healthy

More and more cat lovers are switching to the healthy alternative of cat food. You are doing something good for nature as well as your beloved cat. Because the food not only tastes much better due to the fresh ingredients, but it is also a healthy mixture of all the important ingredients and nutrients due to the many quality controls. Your cat needs these for a happy, healthy and long life needed.

It is up to each cat owner which food he feeds to his cat. But we at BIO INSTINKT recommend our BIO cat food. Because we care about the well-being of our (hairy) customers and we guarantee the best BIO food quality, which contributes to a long and happy life of the cats.

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