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Pure beef – 100% beef muscle meat (200g can – dog)

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  • ✅ 100% organic food quality
  • ✅ Best quality muscle meat
  • ✅ Without additives and preservatives
  • ✅ Made in Germany
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Valuable BIO dog food as an ideal basis for barfing.

The only ingredient is 100 percent high-quality organic beef muscle meat. All other ingredients of the meal can be added individually according to the needs and tastes of the four-legged friend. The tasty meat is particularly well accepted by the animals, provides energy, protein and vitamins. It offers an optimal condition for a species-appropriate, healthy nutrition of the dog.

For the high-quality BIO dog food from BIO INSTINKT we use only certified organic food. The selected raw materials and ingredients are sourced from German organic farms that produce in a controlled, sustainable manner. Our top priorities are species-appropriate animal husbandry and short animal transport routes. Our menus are prepared extremely gently and are free of any additives in 100% BIO food quality.

Feeding recommendation: 

Ideal for BARFING!

The dog should always have fresh water available!

Additional information


BIO-Rindmuskelfleisch (100%), und sonst nichts!


Rohprotein (24%), Rohfett (10%), Rohfaser (0,1%), Rohasche (1%), Feuchtigkeit (65%).


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