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Beef with rice (200g can)

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  • ✅ 100% organic food quality
  • ✅ Best quality muscle meat
  • ✅ Without additives and preservatives
  • ✅ Made in Germany
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Biologically valuable BIO cat food made from particularly high-quality BIO beef muscle meat and vitamin-rich BIO beef liver.

Digestible organic rice enriches the nutrient-rich meal with additional vitamins and precious minerals. Pure organic sunflower oil from first pressing provides the animal with vital, unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids. A balanced recipe makes the tasty, gluten-free menu, which cats accept very gladly, particularly well tolerated. Offered in the right quantity, it covers the daily nutritional needs of an adult cat. The cat food has the highest BIO quality and provides the best conditions for a healthy, species-appropriate diet for the pet.

For the high-quality BIO dog food from BIO INSTINKT, we use only certified BIO food. The selected raw materials and ingredients are sourced from German organic farms that produce in a controlled, sustainable manner. Our top priorities are species-appropriate animal husbandry and short animal transport routes. Our menus are prepared extremely gently and are free of any additives in 100% BIO food quality.

Feeding recommendation: 

A 4kg cat needs approx. 200g BIO INSTINKT. The individual needs of the animal also depend on age, activity and environment.
These data are average values. The diet should be adjusted to each animal individually.

The cat should always have fresh water available!



Additional information


BIO-Rindmuskelfleisch (42%), BIO-Reis (16%), BIO-Rinderleber, Kalziumkarbonat,  Meersalz, BIO-Sonnenblumenöl – 1. Pressung.


Rohprotein (9%), Rohfett (6%), Rohfaser (1%), Rohasche (2%), Feuchtigkeit (75%),  Tauringehalt (40mg).


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